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Bridge Employment Solicitors Ltd has extensive experience advising Employees at all levels on Settlement Agreements (formerly known as Compromise Agreements). Settlement Agreements are written legal contracts which formally end an employment relationship and prevent an Employee from bringing legal claims against their Employer usually in exchange for accepting a Settlement Payment.

Legal fees

It is common practice for an Employer offering a Settlement Agreement to an Employee to make a contribution towards their legal fees. Where an Employer’s contribution towards an Employee’s legal fees do not cover their entire legal costs, we can ask them to cover these or make an increased contribution towards them. At the outset, we can provide you with an estimate of the fees you are likely to pay, and we will always try to secure your Employer’s agreement to meeting these in full.

If you are happy with the Settlement Agreement terms, we can provide you with advice on the terms and effects of the Settlement Agreement and try to conclude matters as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, we can seek to negotiate better terms for you with your Employer. This can include, for instance, seeking a higher Settlement Payment, or an employment reference.

We can also advise you on the merits and estimated costs of pursuing a legal claim in the employment tribunal if you are unsure whether to accept the terms offered in a Settlement Agreement.

How long does an Employee have to consider a Settlement Agreement?

On occasions, we find that some Employers put pressure on Employees to conclude Settlement Agreement shortly after they are issued. Employees are entitled to a reasonable period of time to consider a Settlement Agreement. The ACAS Code of Practice on Settlement Agreements states that as a general rule an Employee should be given a minimum of ten calendar days to consider a Settlement Agreement. We can make representation on your behalf to your employer if they are attempting to impose unrealistic deadlines for acceptance of the Settlement Agreement.

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